US Penny Auctions

American bidders have many US penny auctions to choose from. All of the sites in our verified US penny auction directory must meet our strict penny auction standards. These standards are designed to help protect bidders and promote sites that have proven their legitimacy.


Site Features
AnniesBid offers beginner auctions, innovative auction formats, and a charitable giving program. Some auctions include a Buy Now option.

AnniesBid Promotions
Get 3 Free Bids


Site Features
Beezid offers a Buy It Now option, high value beginner auctions, fun promotions, and a guaranteed first win.

Site Features
CoinSniper offers auctions for coin collectors. They have a reputation for excellent customer service.

CoinSniper Promotions
Get 10 Free Bids

Site Features
DealDash offers a money back guarantee. If a bidder doesn’t win the item, they can buy it at retail and get all bids credited back to their account.

DealDash Promotions
60 Bids for $36

Site Features
HappyBidday offers a winning guarantee and starter auctions for new bidders. They also have a Buy It Now feature on select auctions.

HappyBidday Promotions
PAL Exclusive: 50 Free Bids with code HAPPYPAL

Site Features
OrangeBidz is a well-designed site with beginner auctions, bid free auctions, and free shipping on all auction wins.

OrangeBidz Promotions
Get 10 Free Bids

Site Features
PennyGrab is a reserve auction website with bonus and mystery prizes.

PennyGrab Promotions
None Currently

Site Features
QuiBids offers a Buy Now option on every auction, an excellent product selection, FREE shipping, and international bidding.

QuiBids Promotions
3 Free Bids

Site Features
SmartBid is the industry leader in lowest unique bid auctions.

SmartBid Promotions
Get $3 SmartBid Credit

Penny Auction Directory Disclaimer
Even with strict measures in place, we cannot guarantee the safety or fairness of any penny auction website. This directory is provided purely for informational purposes and does not constitute an endorsement of any particular site. encourages users to research sites first and bid with caution.