Unverified Penny Auctions

You are currently viewing our list of unverified penny auctions. These auctions have applied for verification and are pending review. If you’re looking for auctions that already meet our strict criteria, please visit the verified penny auction list.

Penny Auctions That Are Pursuing Verification

Penny Bid Index
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Penny Bid Index is a premiere retail auction site that provides a fun, user-friendly alternative to online shopping.

BidGunner Penny Auction Review
Site Features
Bidgunner.com is a penny auction web site specializing in guns, firearm accessories, ammunition and precious metals.

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Previously Verified Penny Auction Websites

The following websites were once part of our carefully-filtered penny auction directory, but lost their verification status for the reason listed.

Verification revoked in July 2012 for lack of active auctions. The site is currently transferring to a new owner.

Verification revoked in February 2014. BBB rating = F. Closed as of March 2014. See this article for more information.

Verification revoked in June 2012 for lack of active auctions.

Verification revoked in June 2012 for lack of active auctions.

Site down. Verification revoked in May 2012.

Zeekler was closed by the SEC. Verification revoked in August 2012.

Disclaimer: Even with strict measures in place, the Penny Auction List cannot guarantee the safety or fairness of any penny auction website. This directory is provided purely for informational purposes and does not constitute an endorsement of any particular site. PennyAuctionList.com encourages users to research sites first and bid with caution.