The 3 Easiest Gift Cards to Win at YouNeverLose

This strategy article is the work of Emma Stebbins, a Probability & Statistics Major at the College of William & Mary. Emma contributes top-notch strategy articles for our loyal readers. Her detailed analysis of penny auction data will help bidders in their quest to win more often and save more money.

YouNeverLose Strategy Review & Tips

YouNeverLose is one of the best penny auction websites for new and experienced bidders alike. True to their name, YouNeverLose features an auction model where bidders always break even or do even better.

It sounds too good to be true – but its actually true.

The bidding process is fairly simple. First, you sign up at YouNeverLose and get 5 free bids. Then you proceed to purchase rewards points (also known as bids). If you purchase $25 worth of rewards points, YouNeverLose ships you a $25 gift card of your choice. The shipping is free.

At that point, you have already broken even. You then get to take the rewards points (bids) that you purchased to play in YouNeverLose penny auctions. This gives you a chance to score an additional gift card, and do more than break even.

Since the goal of penny auction bidding is ultimately to score a deal, I wanted to give you a quick data analysis that may help you develop a more effective strategy for bidding at YouNeverLose.

For this strategy article, I looked at the average ending prices of the $25 gift cards on to find the best deals. There were seven $25 gift cards available: Amazon, Apple, iTunes, Mastercard, Starbucks, Trader Joe’s, and Whole Foods.

Which $25 gift cards had the lowest/highest ending prices on YouNeverLose?
Averaging at $1.61 per card, Starbucks was by far the cheapest card, followed by Whole Foods (2.32), Amazon (2.35), and Apple (2.61). The three most expensive cards were Mastercard (3.15), iTunes (2.94), and Trader Joe’s (2.76). Trader Joe’s had both the lowest (0.03) and the highest (6.01) prices for a single card. Other low cards were Apple (0.04) and Amazon (0.06). Other higher-priced cards were Mastercard (5.37) and Whole Foods (4.84).

Which $25 gift cards are the most common on YouNeverLose?
Making up 25.7% of the gift card auctions, Mastercard was by far the most common gift card available, followed by Amazon, (19.3%) and iTunes (16.5%). Starbucks was the rarest, at only 7.3%, followed by Apple at 9.2%. Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods took up 11% of the auctions each.

Best $25 Gift Cards at YouNeverLose (based on average price, savings)

  1. Starbucks (cheap, but most rare)
  2. Apple
  3. Amazon

Worst $25 Gift Cards at YouNeverLose (based on average price, savings)

  1. Mastercard (common but expensive)
  2. Trader Joe’s
  3. Whole Food/iTunes (tie)
Gift Card Prices


Brand Lowest Highest Average
Amazon $.06 $4.75 $2.35
Apple $.04 $3.80 $2.61
iTunes $.13 $4.35 $2.94
Mastercard $.11 $5.37 $3.15
Starbucks $.15 $3.24 $1.61
Trader Joes $.03 $6.01 $2.76
Whole Foods $.18 $4.84 $2.32


Gift Card Auction Availability (in other words, the percentage of total auctions per category )


Brand Percentage
Amazon 19.3%
Apple 9.2%
iTunes 16.5%
Mastercard 25.7%
Starbucks 7.3%
Trader Joes 11.0%
Whole Foods 11.0%


So if you’re looking for a penny auction website where you’ll always break even, YouNeverLose is a great fit. And if you’re looking to score some awesome deals on YouNeverLose, the data above will help guide your bidding.

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