Penny Auction Interview: BidOink

Bidoink InterviewWe recently interviewed, a fun penny auction website focusing primarily on gift cards and electronics. BidOink prides itself on a fair Buy it Now Option that credits users with 100% of their bid value.

If you haven’t played at Bidoink, register using the button below. Once you’re registered, you can use the coupon code newuser10 to get 10 free bids.

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Here is the interview transcript:

When did Bidoink launch?
The site officially launched in July 2012.

What inspired you to start a penny auction website?
We saw penny auction sites that seemed unfair since they didn’t credit you with 100% of bid value towards your purchase, so we wanted to launch a site that was fair to customers.

What types of items can users expect to find on Bidoink?
Users can expect gift cards ranging in value from $10-$100. Some gift card options include Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Lowes, Home Depot as well as plenty of other Major Retailers and Gas Gift Cards as well. Additionally, we auction electronics such as the iPad, iTouch, Apple TV, LCD TV’s, Tablets, and Roku media players.

Other fun items include Razor Electric Scooters and various Household Goods.

How much do bids cost on Bidoink?
Our Bids cost just 50 cents each

Are you currently offering any bid promotions?
We offer Bid Sales twice a week and new users can use the coupon code “newuser10” to try us out. This code can be used after they register by going to “My Bidoink – Redeem Coupon.”

There are many penny auction websites for bidders to choose from. If you could give them three reasons why they should play at Bidoink, what would those reasons be?
Bidoink is a great place to participate in online penny auctions for the following reasons:

1. Our Buy it Now (BIN) option credits you 100% of your bids so you have nothing to lose.
2. Our website is easy to navigate.
3. Our support team gets back to you the same day and we are available 7 days a week.

Is there any advice you would offer to bidders before they try out your website?
We have beginner auctions, so if you are a beginner, bid on the smaller items first (like a $10 gift card) or look for our Beginner Auctions.

What are some of the challenges you face as a penny auction owner?
Offering new ideas for gift cards and electronics/household goods that appeal to all our customers. We are trying new brands (specialty store gift cards) to see if our customers like them. We also offer auctions with NO auto bidding as some customers requested these types of auctions and we try to satisfy all our customer’s requests.

What can we expect from Bidoink in 2013?
We will be launching new product lines and we will be implementing a deal of the day page. Also be on the lookout for plenty of Large Quantity Free Bid give a ways for participating and winning in contests!

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  1. bradjar December 16, 2012 at 6:31 pm #

    Have been with BidOink since the beginning and are pleased with their product line and I get my wins ships fairly promptly. Give them a look if you have not.

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