Penny Auction Spotlight: Dibzees

Last month we had the opportunity to interview Dibzees, a penny auction website centrally located in the Hawkeye State (that’s Iowa for those of you who don’t memorize state nicknames).

Dibzees commitment to top-notch customer service makes them a logical choice for the PAL spotlight. Best of all, Dibzees is offering 5 free bids for those who enter the promo code “pennyauctionlist” at registration.

Here’s the transcript from our interview:

Tell us about Dibzees.
Dibzees is a premier entertainment auction website. We strive to be the best by being responsive to our customers’ needs and being as transparent as possible. The Dibzees Team is excited to team up with Penny Auction List to help both of our websites grow.

The name “Dibzees” is very unique. What exactly does Dibzees mean?
To call “Dibzees!” is to lay claim to something. For instance, one might call “Dibzees on front seat!” on a road trip. Or, in a more crucial moment like “Dibzees on that last open stall!” at Buffalo Wild Wings.

When you aren’t busy calling Dibzees on the last open stall, what types of products do you auction?
Our items include high-end electronics (Wii, iPods, cameras, etc), popular gift cards (Target, Best Buy, Coach, iTunes, Amazon, etc), and other popular products that our customers want and can rarely find for a discount.

How many auctions do you run in a given day?
In our start-up phase, we currently run as many as 18 auctions a day and as few as 3 (on Friday and Saturdays only). We usually like to add a couple additional auctions throughout the night if our traffic is strong. As we continue to gain more customers, we will gradually increase the amount of nightly auctions. Currently our auctions are scheduled to end around 7pm CST each night.

How much do bids cost? Are you currently offering any promotions?
Bids on Dibzees cost no more than $0.50 each. While we feel like this is an extremely low price, we also love to give out free bids as well. The larger the BidPack our customers purchase, the more free bids they will receive. We also frequently offer promotions through our newsletters and Facebook fan page. In fact, anyone reading this can enter the promo code “pennyauctionlist” to receive 5 free bids at registration.

With lots of penny auctions to choose from, why should bidders try out
We pride ourselves in the functionality of our site. While many similar sites are marred with server connectivity errors, we have optimized our site to the point that such problems are virtually nonexistent.  Also, while Dibzees is still such a young site, the odds of winning on Dibzees is far greater than most sites around. Why fight it out against hundreds or thousands of people when you can regularly  buy products for under a dime?

Do you have any advice for new bidders?
Yes we do. We just implemented our “n00b Auctions.” Essentially, this forbids any past winners from competing in these special auctions. For more advice and techniques, please see our Strategeez Guide.

Any future plans for Dibzees?
As we have recently added new features and have optimized the functionality of our site, we are now turning focus to the redesign of the site. While we want to keep the unique feel of our site in tact, we also want to offer a cleaner look for our customers. Of course, we plan to continue our growth and distinguish Dibzees as a leader in online entertainment auctions.

The Interview Summary

  • Bids cost .50 each
  • Registering with the promo code “pennyauctionlist” will get you 5 free bids
  • Noob auctions are a great place for beginners to start
  • See the Strategeez Guide for some Dibzees advice
  • See our detailed Dibzees listing here

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