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  • Phone: 800.380.5828
  • Address: 11155 Massachusetts Ave. / Los Angeles, CA 90025  / United States
  • Email: support [at]


Detailed Description
BidFire is revolutionizing online shopping through the use of our CampFire bidding arena and our constant interaction with the our Firing Squad, so that you can get awesome products at steep discounts that you had a part in choosing! BidFire interacts daily with the Firing Squad through our Facebook Fanpage and is constantly getting feedback to make sure your experience is the absolute best! BidFire’s greatest delight is when you win and save, so make sure you become part of the BidFire community!

And remember, BidFire is a pay to play auction arena. You’re competing against other users for each auction, therefore, it becomes a game of skill and to get the best deals you should know the game inside and out! Be sure to do your homework, watch a few auctions & check out our closed auction section before you start bidding.

Pay attention to the details and you’ll be a BidFire expert in no time!

Bid Cost: Between .83-.93 cents

Special Features:

  • Campfire Feature (See Who You’re Bidding Against)
  • Fireball Store (Purchase Items Using Rewards Points)

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About Josh

Josh is the founder of the Penny Auction List, a carefully-filtered penny auction directory that helps bidders make the most of their time and money.

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