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  • Address: 1100 Dexter Ave. N Suite 100 / Seattle, WA 98109 / United States
  • Phone: 206.273.7777
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Detailed Description is an auction website that seeks to promote the greater good while enabling bidders to obtain fantastic deals on a broad, unique and sometimes unusual selection of products. We have offered the usual consumer electronics and gift cards, but also offer concert tickets, spa packages, fun toys, practical items like cleaning products, and many types of gift bundles.

BIDDING IS GIVING at Anniesbid: while bid packages cost $0.50 per bid, $0.10 of each purchased bid is donated to user-elected causes that are featured on the site for periods of time. Bidders can win free bids easily by referring others to the site (bids are credited after their referrals buy a bid package).

Additionally, frequent bidders, whether they win items or not, are entered into our Annie’s Idols hall of fame and can win great brand name products in the process.

Bid Cost: .50 cents

Special Features:

  • Charitable Giving Program
  • Referral Program
  • Unique Auction Formats

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Josh is the founder of the Penny Auction List, a carefully-filtered penny auction directory that helps bidders make the most of their time and money.

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3 Responses to AnniesBid

  1. Kimberly March 18, 2012 at 8:27 am #

    I’d be careful with this site. They run promotions and when they don’t work properly, they refuse to research the issue and fix it for their customers. For example, Hearts on the Homefront isn’t crediting the purchase of bid packs correctly and they refuse to verify PayPal transaction codes and dates and credit customers with the proper hearts. This leads to them losing out on the top gift card prizes that they offer you to advertise them. I was told that it’s their contest to run how they want. I lost out and Operation Homefront lost out because they aren’t getting the full dollar amount of the hearts I earned but wasn’t credited.

    The average ship time for items won states that they will ship items within 30 days, however this is not a fact and when I contacted support, they simply don’t fare. They do nothing to make it right. I won a gift card on 2/9 and it STILL hasn’t been shipped as of 3/18/12. They said they “ran out of stock” and it would ship in a couple of days. That still hasn’t happened.

    They upped the cost of bid packs, without warning. You have to spend $550 for a 1000 bid pack to pay $.55 per bid. 500 bid packs cost $300 or $.60 per bid. 250 bid packs cost $162.50 or $.65 per bid. And finally, the cheapest bid pack you can buy is now $68 for 100 bids or $.70 per bid. There IS NOT any regular bid pack you can buy that is equal to $.50 per bid.

    They have now put all the big ticket items on a Rolling Reserve that no one with any sense is really bidding on and they just keep rolling and rolling.

    Another new change, they make you bid against and WIN against a heavy hitter once a month to keep your name. If you don’t, you have to change your name. This is just a way to make you lose more of your bids… because no one willingly bids against the heavy hitters who win things cheaply because no one wants to waste bids against them. They are like robots, willing to bid 150 bids on a 50 bid pack… crazy!

    Needless to say, I am not very happy with the changes made on this site, it’s delayed shipping of items, they’re refusal to properly credit people in contests and the fact they are making you bid against people you don’t care to bid against in order to save your name. When my bids are gone and my items delivered, I will not use this site again. Their customer service is rude and they do not value you as a customer.

  2. AnniesBid April 16, 2012 at 4:27 pm #

    This is a response to Kimberly’s comment, which is filled with misinformation. This response seeks to correct that you so that you can consider the value, fun and charity mission of objectively.

    1. The contest we ran required that people connect their Facebook account to our site so we could track their site activity in the contest application. A small number of people – about 10% – had difficult to identify issues with this. We ended up manually credit everyone for every heart earned (contrary to what Kimberly states) but we did it in the week that those hearts were manually added. We understood that some people might consider it more fair to have the hearts counted in the weeks that they were earned, but that would have required us to undo previously announced auction results for an error that was not clearly related to our application.

    Kimberly is not telling the truth when she states that our cause, Operation Homefront, did not benefit since the same number of hearts and thus donations were raised.

    2. All but a couple of Kimberly’s items were shipped within the 30 day time period specified in our terms of service. Other items like a VISA $100 card were shipped 1 – 2 weeks in advance. Kimberly has chosen to focus on one or two items that were a bit late rather than the other items that were shipped earlier. The average ship time was around 30 days at that time and has in fact improved.

    3. We did raise the prices on smaller bid package. There is nothing wrong with that, and they are still far below what many other penny auction sites charge. Our largest bid packs are $0.55 per bid which is far below many other sites and a really great deal when you consider that we also donate part of that to charity.

    4. The Rolling reserves have proven to be popular and 50% of the ones we posted since Kimberly’s review in March have closed. The reserve reward anyone who bids early by giving them bids back. That means that if you bid and are the last bidder each day an auction closes below reserve, you get all of your bids back. This is a much better deal for bidders than a standard auction where you still must lose all the bids that you place, or other types of reserve auctions that let you bid against yourself but also take your bids!

    5. The use of tagging, reputation and collusion are a major reason why so many penny auction sites have failed. Our new duel auctions ensure that anyone that wants to develop a reputation needs to engage in at least one highly competitive duel. But Kimberly is not correct that it requires everyone to battle against heavy hitters. Newcomers to the site are exempted from this, and even bidders like Kimberly only had to bid against “Tier 3″ bidders who are not heavy hitters.

    6. Concerning our customer service, we are far more responsive than many other penny auction sites. We turn around responses in one business day (often sooner) and we frequently reward bidders with additional bids for their loyalty, kindness, support and if we make a seriously mistake. Kimberly is the type of bidder that looks for everyone opportunity she can to find fault with the site. At some point, we concluded that this was a strategy to try to continuously obtain concessions and customer service effectively “cut her off” from further offers. We understand that this displeased her, and observed as she became increasingly demanding and hostile, posting libelous statements in twitter claiming that we are a “scam” even when she received every single one of the items that she had won on our site.

    Since AnniesBid team needs to focus on positives, like supporting bidders who value our charity mission and appreciate the fun auction styles we come up with, and since she was so frustrated with her experience, we decided that it wasn’t in her interest or ours to continue to hold an active account with Anniesbid.

  3. Pennyhunter May 1, 2012 at 8:44 am #

    Anniesbid is by far my favorite site, and is the only site that I visit on a daily basis. I have been using penny auctions for a few years now, and have many many stories of good sites, bad sites, suspicious sites etc. I have had some great wins, and some monumental losses to show for it, but I enjoy playing and know the risks involved. I also know that players must (and far too often do not), do their research, read instruction, or watch a site for a while before playing.

    I have a whole bookmark folder in Explorer full of sites which I have reviewed, researched and have frequented; but as some sites begin to change or sell-out (which does happen), I am always on the lookout for a new playing field. I found Anniesbid about six months ago, and have not looked back since.

    The site is fair and transparent, is well laid out, and has a good and diverse user-base. I have had some good and inexpensive wins on this site, and would recommend it to anyone… I have never gone to a forum before and posted any reviews on sites, but Anniesbid has really impressed me.

    It is BY FAR the best site for beginners and novice bidders, as it exposes you to a wide variety of auction-styles and formats, without the ridiculous pressure of some of the bigger sites where you can easily blow through a ton of bids in the excitement of initial bidding; but, the site also offers more experienced bidders great opportunity to come out ahead with their Duel and Rolling Reserve auction models.

    As other sites have changed their models, reduced product offerings, and been over-run by power-bidders, Anniesbid has not sold out, and has auctions for everyone.

    In addition to the model, the service has been outstanding for me, and I really don’t care what anyone else says or has said about the site… I even won a $25 Home Depot gift card (for 0.07 and 3 bids by the way), and they even without letting me know, went ahead and tried to find a currency converted card for me so that I would not have any trouble using it where I live…. With great response time on inquiries and questions as well. you can’t go wrong… especially seeing as how so many other sites are coming and going these days.

    To beginners on any site… READ INSTRUCTIONS!!! VISIT THE HOW IT WORKS SECTION OF THE SITE— Not all sites work exactly the same way. DO NOT JUST BUY BIDS AND START BIDDING!! Get to know the site, the bidders, watch the site for a few days, and for pete sake, do your research! If you have a a site question, ask before you have to find something out the hard way. I am on all of the biggest forums, and see this complaint time and time again….

    Anniesbid is a fair and awesome site, and I would strongly recommend that new and novice bidders give it a try, and more experienced bidders take a second look. Lots of opportunity, and a great group of people doing great things at Anniesbid. You get a handful of bids for registering, but if you use this link, you can get 15 more (after a day I think).

    Oh, and did I mention that a portion of proceeds go to charities? Real charities who do great work.

    Happy bidding to all, and good luck!

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